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Milky Way Shampoo

Hello, my name is Wendy and I live in Neverland

Hello My name is Wendy and I live in Neverland. It is not the Neverland of fairytale fame, but it is our special place where we live.

It all started in 2013, when my family was living on a small farm in Mission, BC. On this farm, we had a nice little house, a big beautiful garden, a chicken coop and a barn. We grew many veggies and had a few chickens, but nothing in our barn. Along came an old friend who desperately wanted a farm to have some goats and rabbits and raise his own meat, so he asked us if he could keep some in our barn. It seemed like a good use for an empty barn, so we agreed. We got 5 mama goats and a handsome billy goat named Fred. These mama goats needed to be milked, so I learned to milk a goat, and then I learned how to make cheese from that milk but, one day, one of the ladies stuck her foot into a full bucket of milk. Hearing my mother's voice in my head "You better not waste that" I decided to learn how to make soap.

That same friend was also really smart and enjoyed researching so, together we created a recipe. Being the frugal soul that I am, not wanting to spend money on expensive oils, we chose to use what was in the cupboard: Canadian canola oil. Our soap was and is still made with Canadian-made canola oil and raw goat milk. After making our first batch of cold-processed soap I waited... and waited... and waited... After waiting 12 weeks, I figured it should be good by now, and took my first bath with my very own handmade soap. When I got out of the tub, I couldn't believe how soft my body was. I couldn't stop touching my face, my arms, my legs... I felt so pretty!!! I never looked back!

From there, we created our own proprietary soaps, which are all Health Canada-approved. Then came our body balms, created originally as a beard balm to help moisturize the face under the beard and make beards soft to the touch. We added our outdoor sprays and, after much research and teachings from a First Nations healer, I learned how to make salves from wild harvested ingredients such as devil's club, dandelion, nettles and comfrey, creating our own signature lines from all-natural ingredients.


Fast forward to today, we still make our amazing proprietary goat milk soaps along with our signature devil's club-infused products which include massage lotion bars, massage lotion, bath salts, bath bombs, sprays, and our almost magical Devil's Advocate salve.


My main goal is to create not only products that are good for every body but also products everybody can afford. Buying good for you should never have to break the bank; it should be a natural choice to buy natural!


I will never go back to any other soaps or body products. Even if no one else ever bought them, I am addicted to them, and I think once you try them you will understand why.

Much Love, Always, 

Wendy from Neverland Farms

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